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トトールむら Totooru Mura (Totor Village)

Tuntar is a location within Breath of Fire.


Tuntar is a town located east of Winlan, Tantar and the river. The people of Tuntar are on good terms with the people of Tantar. The Chief of Tuntar seems to be the caretaker of the Stone Robot.

Prior to Ryu and Nina's arrival in the region, the Dark Dragons blocked of the river between Tuntar and Tantar in order to get the Ring from the Forest Clan. Even though they are suffering due to the dried up river, the people of Tuntar take the problem in stride and are more interested in Terry and Amelia's wedding. The only problem the villagers really notice is their Chief's strange behaviour. Ryu and his friends soon expose this Chief as an imposter and return the true Chief. After the river is restored, the wedding is soon set up and Tuntar's villagers go to Tantar to celebrate. Unfortunately, during the activities the Stone Robot is stolen by the General and destroys Tuntar. The Forest Clan takes pity on their neighbours and allows them to stay in Tantar.


Tuntar houses an item shop and a storage.

Item Shop

Mrbl3 10 G
Herb 10 G
Antdt 15 G
Acorn 30 G
Cure 2000 G
Life 500 G
T.Drop 20 G

Notable ResidentsEdit

  • Tuntar's Chief
  • Amelia

See AlsoEdit

  • For a list of treasures within Tuntar, see here.

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