Urkan Tapa
ウルカン タパ Urukan Tapa (Urkan Tapa)
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Urkan Region

Urkan Tapa is a location within Breath of Fire III. It is located in the Urkan Region just north of Angel Tower. It is the hometown of the Urkan people.


Urkan Tapa is the hometown of the Urkans, including Garr and his fellow Guardians. Guardians are the warriors of the Urkan who fight to purge the world of evil in the name of their God. They are very religious, often praying, purifying themselves, and strongly believing that God's desire to remove all evil is justified and noble, despite the pain it can cause. The city is structured in a pyramid-like shape, consisting of several square sections piled up in various places, with the occasional stone wall. The reason behind this is because it would be harder for enemies to penetrate the city, allowing the Urkan warriors more freedom to fight back safely. Also, in one of the upper rooms, there is another Guardian very similar to Garr who had already turned into stone (referred as the Sleep of Stone).

This location is visited twice during the story. The first time is when Garr requests permission from Patriarch Sumada to access Angel Tower, which he grants warmly. The second time, after failing to meet God at the top of Angel Tower during the second visit, Garr requests the location of Gaist from Sumada, who is very against the idea, but relents after Garr tells him it'll erase all doubt from his heart, but he warns Garr to not become like Gaist, strongly feeling that Gaist is a traitor. In reality, this is so the party can free Deis from her prison, and Gaist is the only one who knows how to released her. After this point, Urkan Tapa no longer has a role in the story.

This town is also the location for the Master, Hondara, who will only allow the party to apprentice under him if they know a "non-lethal" battling technique (Backhand).

Shops Edit

Urkan Tapa Weapon Store
Item Price
Claymore2,500 Z
Flare Sword3,200 Z
Long Spear1,000 Z
Halberd2,100 Z
Mithril Armor2,100 Z
Mithril Helm1,000 Z
Mithril Shield1,600 Z
Urkan Tapa Item Store
Item Price
Healing Herb10 Z
Vitamin50 Z
Antidote12 Z
Eye Drops20 Z
Panacea100 Z
Ammonia200 Z
Spirit50 Z
Baby Frog50 Z
Popper50 Z
Float50 Z

Notable Residents Edit

  • Patriarch Sumada
  • Hondara
  • Garr
  • Gaist (formerly)


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