Theres some more info on Breath of Fire 6 that was just released a few days ago!

First off lets start with the new characters, they include:

Klaus - A great knight of the Schwartz Empire, may be involved with the invasion of Dragnier

Elise - Also a part of the Schwartz Empire (Also has a ugly outfit)

Jubei - Don't know much about him other than he has a eyepatch and he's old

Also Capcom has set up a new Facebook and Twitter for the game which can be found here:

Breath of Fire 6 Twitter

Breath of Fire 6 Facebook

If you want want to see the new info straight from the source you can see it here:

Official Website (In Japanese)

You can also check out our friends at on their Facebook page where one of the users has gone and translated their tweets and such:

Dragon Tear Facebook


1. The rerelease of the Breath of Fire Complete Works is now avaliable to preorder at Amazon and other popular online retailers, it will be released on Sept. 9 2014

2.Looks like Nina (Breath of Fire 6) is getting her wings after all


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