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Warrior (ウォリアドラゴン, Uoriadoragon?, lit. "Warrior Dragon") is a dragon form within Breath of Fire III. In Breath of Fire IV and Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, Ryu achieves a similar base form when he activates his dragon powers.

Breath of Fire IIIEdit

Warrior is a dragon transformation which gives Ryu a dragon's wings and claws while leaving the rest of his body more or less unchanged. Warriors are created by combinations that use the Force Gene (but not the Failure, Fusion, Infinity, Miracle, or Trance Genes), and tend to have slightly better HP than a Whelp and average defense, with amazing attack power and speed.

The Warrior dragon form focuses solely on physical attacks, especially Focus and Aura.

An evolved "golden" Warrior known as Myrmidion (ウォリアセカンド, Uoriasekando?, lit. "Warrior Second") may be created by combining the Force and Trance Genes; all of its stats are increased over the Warrior's, and it gains a different assortment of special attacks.

Stat Modifcations: Edit

Warrior(Base)     Myrmidion

Flame Warrior

HP:            130%                    180%

Pwr:           230%                    300%

Def:           120%                    120%

Agl:           180%                   150%

Int:            100%                   100%

Breath of Fire IVEdit

Meditate Fire Dragon Form
See also: Myrmidion (Breath of Fire IV)

Whilst not appearing directly, Ryu and Fou-Lu's standard form after using Meditate bears a striking resemblance to the Warrior from Breath of Fire III. The true dragon form appears only in "summoning sequences" whenever he uses a breath attack.

The Myrmidion is a dragon form wielding similar traits and abilities as the previous incarnation, but is a base form rather than the enhanced kind from the previous game. It may be upgraded to the Knight.

Breath of Fire: Dragon QuarterEdit

Like in Breath of Fire IV, Ryu and Bosch's dragon modes transform them into forms that look akin to the Warrior form of Breath of Fire III. These forms representing a manifestation of the Dragons that linked with their human hosts.


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