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Whelp (ドラゴンパピー, Doragonpapii?, lit. "Dragon Puppy"), also known as Drake and Puppy, is a recurring dragon form within the Breath of Fire series.

Breath of FireEdit

Drakes, the first and weakest type of dragon transformation, are created by the earliest-available or the simplest type of dragon transformation, and capable of attacking only a single enemy with its breath weapon. There are three analogous forms, the Flame Drake (FlmDr), Snow Drake (SnoDr), and Thunder Drake (ThrDr), each of which deals fire, ice, or lightning damage with its breath attack respectively – all of which are obtained after Ryu defeats the trial in the first Dragon Temple, just after the Stone Robot scenario.

Breath of Fire IIEdit

BoFII PuppyArtwork

Puppies – namely the Fire Puppy, Ice Puppy, and Thunder Puppy – are obtained in a scripted event after clearing out the well-dwelling monsters in Capitan.

Due to a glitch these are the only basic dragons forms in the game that can cause elemental damage.

Breath of Fire IIIEdit

Whelps are produced by using any single Dragon Gene other than Force, Fusion, Infinity, or Miracle; they have slightly more HP than Ryu in his natural state, and about twice his physical attack power.

An enhanced form of Whelp named Wildfire (クイックシルバー, Kuikkushiruba?, lit. "Quicksilver") can be formed by combining the Miracle, Thorn and Reverse genes.

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