Wildcat Cafe
やまねこてい Yamanekotei (Wildcat's Cafe)
Wildcat Cafe
Unknown (North West of SimaFort)

WildCat is a location within Breath of Fire II.


The WildCat is a cave that has been turned into cafe near the waterfall by SimaFort. When Ryu and his group go there, they are asked to take off most of their equipment as a rule. (You have to option to do so, but refusing to follow the rules results in additional battles with the bouncers.) At the end of the tunnels they walk onto a large metal grid where flames ignite attempting to cook them (depending on what you select prior to walking in, the party can lose anywhere from a few HP to all but one from the fire). A moment later a WildCat comes out to see if they're done being cooked, and noticing that they are still alive he attacks.

The boss fight is much easier if you keep all your equipment on and ask for the lightest cooking setting. Upon the chef's defeat, you gain access to the cafe.

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