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Wing Clan
First appearance: Breath of Fire
Home: Wyndia
Leader(s): King/Queen of Wyndia

The Wing Clan, sometimes referred to as Fae, are one of the main races from the Breath of Fire series. They are portrayed as human figures with wings that were sometimes angelic, butterfly-like or black feathered.


The Fae capitol has always been a city called Wyndia, the city is constantly changing but always keeps a central design; houses, shops and often windmills around the lower sections and a large keep or castle at the upper central section.

The Wyndian people, to begin with, had the ability to turn into giant birds pretty much at will and every Wyndian had wings with which they could fly. As time passed however this ability became more select and eventually disappeared altogether, the only Wyndians able to transform having to perform a special ritual and permanently becoming a semi-intelligent lesser form of the giant bird, and in time even this power was lost. Similarly with the wings, slowly the wings of these people grew smaller and less able, eventually losing the ability to fly and glide altogether, becoming more decorative and butterfly-like in appearance and design. It is theorized that the Fae eventually lost their wings altogether but no proof of this has ever been given. In Breath of Fire II it is revealed that the one to be blamed for this was Nina from the original Breath of Fire, as she fell in love for a man from another tribe and weakened the powers of this tribe.


  • In Breath of Fire IV all Wyndians have wings and seem to be able to fly to some extent, this is one piece of evidence that indicates the fourth game is a prequel to the original Breath of Fire.
  • Due to the fact that in every game that featured Wyndia is portrayed as a large kingdom, sometimes with a very large territory under their name (Breath of Fire III, for example), it is safe to say that the Fae/Wing Clan are one of, if not the only, main central and political powered clans in the Breath of Fire world, as well as one of the most populated races.

Notable MembersEdit

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