Wisdom Fruit (知力の実, Chiryoku no Mi?), also known as Acorn (ちりょくのみ, Chyrioku no Mi, or Wisdom Fruit, ?) or WFruit (ちりょくのみ, Chiryoku no Mi, or Wisdom Fruit, ?), is a recovery item found in the Breath of Fire series.


Breath of FireEdit

"This item will recover AP"
— Item Description

Acorn is an item found and purchased through out Breath of Fire. It recovers 20 AP.

Effect Recovers 20 AP
Target Single
Purchased Prima, Gust, Tunlan, Dreamland, Spring
Found N/A
Dropped N/A
Cost 270z-351z

Breath of Fire IIEdit

Effect Recovers 20 AP; lose 20 HP
Target Single
Dropped Poltrgst, Arachnod, Cotris, Paladin

Breath of Fire IIIEdit

Wisdom Fruit
Effect Recovers 100 AP
Target Single
Found Wyndian Catacombs, Tower, [?] west of Maekyss Gorge, Mt. Zublo, Black Ship, Colony, Station Myria Worker's Area, Eden
Stolen Gazer, Shroom
Dropped Tank Bot

Breath of Fire IVEdit

Wisdom Fruit
Effect Recovers 150 AP
Target Single
Stolen Mimic, Bellwyd, Glebe, I, Kahbo, Kamyu
Dropped Istalk, Papan
Cost 2500

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