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Wizard of Karma
BoF wizard
Sprite Wizard
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The Wizard of Karma is a character in Breath of Fire.

Role in Breath of FireEdit

The Wizard of Karma was a wicked wizard who resided in the Tower of Karma. Using live girls he captured from Romero, he would conduct experiments within this tower. He eventually attempted to conduct an experiment on Nina, who was trying to save the girls and find a remedy for her father, the King of Winlan. Despite failing, Ryu, who was personally asked by the Queen of Winlan herself, was able to find and defeat him. Because of his victory, all of the girls of Romero, and Nina, are saved and freed.


The Wizard of Karma is a self centered person with little regard to human life. He teams up with the Dark Dragon Clan regardless of their many atrocities. In order to test his potion of immortal life the Wizard uses Romero as his own personal testing site causing Romero's dead to return as zombies. He also kidnaped the girls of the village to use as human guinea pigs. The Wizard is not above resorting to trickery to get what he wants. He is known to have sent poisoned letters to people he does not like. During his battle with Nina and her guards he uses the Xeon gas, a poison only members of the Wing Clan are affected by. He is also extremely arrogant when Ryu arrives to rescue Nina the Wizard of Karma is certain his magic powers would lead him to victory.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As his name would suggest the Wizard of Karma is in fact a wizard. As such he has various magical abilities. In his battles with Nina and Ryu he is shown to have access to lightning spells, ice spells and the ability to teleport. The Wizard also seems to have knowledge on different types of poisons as he is constantly using poison to further his own goals. As he is making an eternal life potion (which works to an extent) it is fair to say that the Wizard probably has advanced knowledge on human anatomy along with chemical or potion making skills.


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