オンクー Onkuu
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Fou Empire

Won-qu is a character within Breath of Fire IV.

Role in Breath of Fire IVEdit

The loyal servant of Fou-Lu, Won-qu is tasked with guarding his master's tomb. Upon Fou-Lu's awakening, Won-qu is confused to realize there is no one to welcome him back into the world, though Fou-Lu himself is unconcerned. He then takes up a position in front of the tomb's entrance as Fou-Lu begins his journey to the capital and is later found in the same position, having transformed into a stone statue.

Though no details are given to explain how he and A-tur came to serve Fou-Lu, their loyalty is unquestionable. Obeying his master's command, Won-qu denies entrance to the tomb to Ryu and the party when they attempt to take the path through it, exclaiming that not even a member of The Endless is allowed access. Only after he is defeated and they have taken on the boss inside the tomb does he acknowledge Ryu as the one his master awaits. He then gives the party his gem, an item needed to make their way out of the tomb and towards the capital.


Won-qu is depicted as being an immense Shishi , capable of becoming a statue and manipulating his size (to an undetermined extent.). He possesses similar qualities of a lion as he has been known to roar when invoking spells, and shows the majesty and grace of a felidae.

His appearance is altered from a navy blue shade with an olive colored, maw belly and paws.

To a jade colored beast, tinted with golden yellow maw, paws and belly. (Though this may be due to the difference between digital art and comic art.)


See also: Won-qu (Boss)


  • He is depicted as having an unfaltering loyalty to the order of Fou-lu. This was first demonstrated when Won-qu attacked Ryu and his party despite knowing that Ryu was Fou-Lu's other half.


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