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"Someday, we're gonna blow this place and head out to a big city like Wyndia... right, Rei?"

Wyndia, also known as Winlan or Windia, is the capital city of the Wing Clan and is always Nina's home city. It is usually situated higher above ground than most cities to allow it to benefit from the high winds. It has appeared in every installment of the series except for Dragon Quarter.


Breath of FireEdit

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  • Ryu enters Winlan, and stays at the castle. It is quickly learned that the king was poisoned.
  • Nina departs with two soldiers to Romero and Karma to collect the antidote. While at Karma, Nina and two soldiers are attacked by the wizard who uses Xeon Gas to poison Nina. One soldier escapes, and is able to send word to the castle.
  • Ryu travels with a soldier to Karma, defeats the wizard, and rescues Nina.
  • After returning to the castle, the Remedy is used on the king. Nina joins the party, and Ryu is given permission to use the tunnel in the basement of the castle.

Breath of Fire IIEdit

Ryu Bateson first comes through Windia when Ryu and his group goes to return Nina's sister Mina. Upon their arrival the Queen greets them and Mina is returned. Mina, happy that her sister is home as well is confused by the fact both her sister and her mother are acting like they never knew each other. Nina, Ryu, and the others then leave the castle to continue on. They then learn Nina was outcasted by her family because of her black wings and a old tale that was attached to them of how a child with black wings is born into the royal family will bring a curse upon the land.

BoF2 wyndia

A bit later the player will meet Sten, a Highlander who is outside performing magic tricks. After his womanizing attempts and a trick pulled on Ryu he joins the party.

The player won't have to come back to Windia till later on when the player needs assistance to get the the Grand Church. Nina explains that the Wing Clan used to have the ability to transform into Great Birds, but lost this power when her ancestor fell in love with a human. But with the power of a special item a member of the Wing clan can transform into a Great Bird but not turn back. Nina agrees to do this and goes under the castle of Windia where she must obtain the item. This test included going through a maze and battling none other then Nina's ancestor who rid the ability to transform of her people. Once defeated she then departs and gives Nina what she came looking for.

Before Nina is to transform herself Mina steals the item while they all sleep. She runs up to the tower with Nina who woke up a moment later chasing her and locks herself in and transforms herself to save her sister the trouble of sacrificing herself.

Breath of Fire IIIEdit

Ryu first arrives at Wyndia as a prisoner of Balio and Sunder. He is brought before the King as a captured dragon, but when he is revealed to the king he has reverted to his human state. The King has all three imprisoned for their deception. Nina takes pity on Ryu and goes into the dungeon to free Ryu. Before she does, Balio and Sunder trick Nina into opening their cell by vowing to never harm Ryu again. Nina frees them, which allows them to knock her unconscious and kidnapped her for ransom. Ryu forces his way out of his cell and battles the duo, allowing Nina to escape.

The two press their way through the catacombs and make it to the main city. Before they leave Wyndia to search for Rei and Teepo, they decide to search the main city for clues to their whereabouts. Their investigation leads them to Bais, Lang, Lee, and Wynn. They agree to play hide-and-seek with them in exchange for any information on Rei and Teepo. They learn that Teepo recently robbed a house on Eygnock Road and depart to that location.

In order to get through the Eastern Checkpoint, the party has to return to Wyndia to get passports. When the party returns to Wyndia, they are honored in a big banquet for Ryu, Nina, and the rest of the party hosted by the king of Wyndia. Nina has just finished explaining everything that's happened since the kidnapping to her father. The king commends Ryu's bravery and apologizes for thinking he was a con artist. Before Nina can spill the beans about Ryu being a dragon, Garr interrupts and asks the king for some passports so the player can get through the Eastern Checkpoint. He gladly gets some passports made up for Ryu and the rest of the party. They then head off, leaving Nina behind at the castle as her mother forbids her to go.

After the party leaves, Nina is in her room thinking that it's for the best that she didn't go along with Ryu and his crew. Soon after, she hears something break along with a scream. The scream came from one of the maids who claims that something brushed up against her, scared her, and made her break a dish. Nina assumes it was just a mouse until she spots Honey running off somewhere. Eventually, her chase leads her back to her room and onto the balcony. Nina tries to keep Honey from falling off the balcony, however, they both fall off. Fortunately for Nina, Honey uses her chrysm power to float gently to the ground and slows down Nina's fall, who survived unharmed. After the fall, Honey gets broken so Nina takes her to Ryu's camp just outside of Wyndia and re-joins the party.

The party revisits Wyndia in the Adolescent/Adult era after solving the problems at the Plant. Rei is given a Passport by the King of Wyndia for helping Nina with the situation, but is then revealed as a companion of Ryu's. The King, believing, due to a misunderstanding about Nina leaving with Honey, that Ryu kindnapped Nina, tries to have him arrested. Nina tries to explain what happened, but her mother tells her to shut up. Rei and Nina flee, again guided by Honey, to the castle's basement, where Rei opens the door to a portal room. While Honey starts the Portal Drive system by entering it's navigator code, Nina quarrels with her mother about Nina not only being a princess but also a girl, having friends she wants to join on their journey. She then breaks up with her mother for the second and final time and Portal Drives with Rei to Durandal's hut, just outside Wyndia. The party is now unable to enter Wyndia until after freeing Deis

Breath of Fire IVEdit

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Breath of Fire 6Edit

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Breath of Fire IIIEdit

Item Location
Flame Gene Automatically acquired during Balio and Sunder Boss Fight
Skill Ink Wyndia Dungeon
Glass Domino Inside of Catacombs
Panacea Inside of Catacombs
Light Bangle Inside of Catacombs
Wisdom Fruit Inside of Catacombs
Healing Herb
Bread (4)
120z Inside Castle, 1st Visit
Gems (2) Inside Castle, 1st Visit
Panacea (2) Inside Castle, 1st Visit
Healing Herb (2) Inside Castle, 1st Visit
Coin Inside Castle, 1st Visit
Cheese Inside Castle, 1st Visit


Breath of Fire IEdit

Winlan Weapon Store
Item Price
Sabre 400
BronzSD 700
BronzRP 800
Suede GT 200
WoodSH 300
Suede GN 500
Visor 800

Breath of Fire IIIEdit

BOF3 Icon Armor
Wyndia Armor Store

Item Price Coupon
Leather Armor180z144z
Leather Apron330z264z
Ranger Garb520z416z
Mage's Robe610z488z
Bronze Shield610z488z
Iron Helm380z304z
Glass Domino450z360z

BOF3 Icon Accessory
Toshihiro's General Store

Item Price Coupon
Midas Stone3000z2400z
Life Sandals500z400z
Weather Vane200z160z

BOF3 Icon Weapon
Wyndia Weapon Store

Item Price Coupon
Bronze Sword240z192z
Broad Sword600z480z
Wyndia Item Store
Item Price Coupon
Healing Herb10z8z
Eye Drops20z16z
Old Popper20z16z
Wyndia Bakery Store
Item Price

Enemy FormationsEdit

Breath of Fire IIIEdit

Notable ResidentsEdit

Breath of Fire IIIEdit

  • Nina
  • King of Wyndia
  • Queen of Wyndia
  • Hachio (Master, castle's basement, only accessible via Portal Drive)
  • Bais (Master)
  • Lang (Master)
  • Lee (Master)
  • Wynn (Master)


  • Always built in a high location (on a hill, a cliff, etc.) and includes high towers and/or buildings.
  • In Breath of Fire II Nina is banished from Wyndia because of her black wings.
  • The Wing clan slowly loses their ability to fly as the series progresses.
  • Wing clan members have hollow bones, enabling them to fly easier but also making them weaker to physical attacks.