賢樹 Kashikoki (Tree of Wisdom)
Northwest of Mt. Myrneg
Requirement Have a Wisdom Fruit in the inventory
HP 1 AP 1
Pwr 2 Def 1
Int 2 Agl 0
Skill Levels
Sanctuary 2 Levels
Recall 5 Levels
Shield 8 Levels
Will Flame property down

Yggdrasil is a character within Breath of Fire III. He is an ancient tree of wisdom. The party can communicate with him at three different locations; Northwest of Mt. Myrneg, East of the Plant, and Northwest of the Steel Grave.

As a MasterEdit

Yggdrasil becomes available once Peco joins your party. However, you must give Yggdrasil a Wisdom Fruit and you can only speak to him through Peco.

Apprenticing under Yggdrasil grants the Weak vs Flame trait, reducing the apprentice's resistance to the Flame-element. One may equip a Ring of Fire to cancel this effect.

Yggdrasil is an overall great master, however, Nina and Momo benefits from him the most until Emitai becomes available, due to his growth in AP and Intelligence. Yggdrasil also does raise defense instead of lowering it like Emitai or Deis, making him one of the best masters for Nina when she is a child.


  • Yggdrasil seems to be an enemy of Myria. Teepo was surprised by the fact that Peco, an extension of Yggdrasil, was a friend of Ryu. This is further supported as when Myria banished everyone else from her station, she left Peco, deeming him no threat at first, until he revealed himself to be Yggdrasil, causing her to become afraid and seeing him as an equal.
  • Palet drank tree sap from Yggdrasil in an attempt to defeat Ryu and his friends.
  • Despite being in 3 different places, you can only apprentice under him east of the Plant

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