The Yraall Region is a region of the world in Breath of Fire III. It was home to Ryu, Rei and Teepo.

Yraall Region
ウールオル地方 Uuruoru chihou
Yraall Region


The villagers of McNeil Village chafe under the greedy and corrupt Mayor McNeil's taxes, which never change regardless of how good or bad the harvest is. The Cedar Woods, north of McNeil Village are home to three youths named Ryu, Rei and Teepo. Rei found both and took them home at different parts of their lives. The pair was seen as a bunch of thieving punks by the villagers until they slew the Nue on Mt. Glaus, which earnt the villagers their respect.

The group are convinced by Loki to break into McNeil Manor and give the villagers his money, which the villagers quickly return to Mayor McNeil and chastise the boys for their actions. Bunyan reveals by talking to the cows that Mayor McNeil has connections and the group returns home to find their home burnt down by Balio and Sunder, who brutally beat up the boys and leave them for dead.

Bunyan finds Ryu shortly afterwards and nurses him back to health, Ryu leaves to go to Wyndia to find Teepo and Rei, ending the Yraall Region's involvement in the storyline until the Adolescant/Adult period.

Several years later, Ryu and Garr return to the Yraall Region and find the road to Wyndia blocked off and enter McNeil Village to find that there's investigators questioning the villagers for information on Mayor McNeil. Ryu and Garr visit the Cedar Woods after learning about a savage tiger in the area, which Ryu and Garr previously encountered on Ogre Road, and the party offers to take care of it.

Ryu runs into the Weretiger, who is revealed to be Rei, who mauls Loki and heads off to Syn City. Ryu and Garr run into Nina, who has arrested McNeil and talks to Ryu and Garr about the situation at hand and joins them to go to Syn City. After the events at Syn City are dealt with, the party leaves the Yraall Region once and for all.

Notable LocationsEdit

Manillo ShopEdit

This store can be found at the fishing spot next to the farm

Yrall Region Manillo Store
Item Fish 1 Fish 2 Fish 3
SilverKnife RainbowTrout X2 Trout X2
Iron Helm Trout X1 Pirana X2
Waistcloth Trout X1 Puffer X1
Spirit Pirana X3
Baby Frog Pirana X3
Popper Puffer X3
Float Puffer X3
Skill Ink RainbowTrout X1 Trout X1
Bell Collar Angler X3 MartianSquid X3 Sea Bream X5
Holy Mantle Black Bass X3 Bass X4 Sea Bass X9

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