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Yraall Road
ウールオル街道 Uuruoru Kaidou (Uuruoru Road)
Yraall Region

Yraall Road is a location within Breath of Fire III. The road connects the Yraall Region with the Dauna Hills region and the Central Wyndia region.


After leaving the Farm, Rei and Teepo decides to teach Ryu how to mug people. After a lesson or two, Rei instructs Ryu to mug the nearby person and pushes him into him, unaware that it was Bunyan passing by. Ryu, who is unrecognized by Bunyan, is warned about mugging and about Rei and Teepo. Having high hopes for Ryu, Bunyan sends him on his way and continues down Yraall Road. Once Bunyan is out of sight, Rei apologizes to Ryu, stating that he didn't know it was Bunyan who was passing by. Rei then comes up with the idea of looting Bunyan's house. After the Balio and Sunder incident, Ryu uses Yraall Road to get to the Central Wyndia region and into Mt. Boumore.

A few years pass and Ryu becomes an adult. Once he and Garr reaches the road, they find out that the road leading to the Central Wyndia region has been blocked off by Wyndian soldiers, due to the Weretiger wreaking havoc in the area. Because of this obstacle, ryu and Garr decides to solve the Weretiger incident and re-joins with Nina. Afterwards, the party, consisting of Ryu, Rei, Nina, and Garr, uses the road once again to enter the Central Wyndia region


  • 40z
  • Berries



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