Yua Bateson
ユア Yua (Yua)
Sprite Yua Yua - Baby

Yua Bateson is a character within Breath of Fire II. She is Ryu's younger sister and daughter of Ganer Bateson.

Role in Breath of Fire IIEdit

Yua is a small energetic blue haired Brood girl encountered in Breath of Fire II. She is the daughter of Valerie and Ganer as well as the sister of Ryu. At the beginning of the game Yua runs away from her father, Ganer, Ryu was asked to go after her. Yua is found in front of the dragon that saved the village. After Ryu defends Yua from a monster, with a little help from Ganer, she tells them that she wanted to see her mother again, that she comes into her dreams when she takes a nap here.

After this event Yua and Ganer leave and head back to town with Ryu following shortly after. When back in Gate Yua and Ganer cannot be found. Yua at this point is not heard from again.


  • Even though she is never seen again in the game, it is strongly implied that Patty is Yua all grown up.
    • Dologany's gate requires the sacrifice of a Dragon Clan member, which Patty is revealed to be at the end of the game.
    • Patty exclaims she wants her "big brother" when Habaruku is about to kill her.
    • Patty and Yua share the same hair color, eye color, and even skin tone.
    • In the GBA artwork it is shown that Yua had elven ears like Patty's but smaller.
    • She is similar to Ryu, which is noticed by Nina after you find her for the first time in the Thieves Tomb. (Nina: "Don't you think Patty and Ryu look alike?").
    • Like Yua, Patty has an intense fondness of the dragon in Gate and, like Yua, Patty can talk to the dragon.


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