ジグ Jigu (Jig)
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Non-Playable Character

Zig is a character within Breath of Fire III.

Role in Breath of Fire IIIEdit

Zig is a muscular and arrogant sailor who genuinely belives that he can handle anything. Although his skillls as a sailor make him fairly popular, his arrogance alieninates others. Even though he has a large ego he is willing to admit when someone is better than he is.

When Ryu and his party arrive in Rhapala they learn that the Lighthouse is broken making the ship unable to return to port. They hear about a sailor named Zig who plans to fix the Lighthouse so he can propose to the Porter's Guild Master's daughter, Shadis. The party soon learns that another man, Beyd, also wants to fix the Lighthouse so he can propose to Shadis.

Overhearing their plans Zig challenges Beyd to a fight, the winner of the fight gets to fix the Lighthouse. Ryu and his group train Beyd and with their help he is able to defeat Zig. Being a man of his word Zig allows Beyd to fix the Lighthouse and eventually marry Shadis.

Zig is still part of the Guild when Ryu returns as an adult and is fond of Beyd and Shadis' daughter. He seems to have buried the hatchet with Beyd and follows him loyally. Zig insists on being the Guild Ship's captain when Beyd agrees to lend it to Ryu and lives up to his bragging about his skills by making sure the party gets to the destinations they need to get to.

Relationship with other charactersEdit


Iggy is both Zig's lackey and best friend. They can usually be found together and Iggy usually praises Zig for being amazing. During Zig's fight with Beyd, Iggy served as the referee showing that Zig trust Iggy completely.


Zig has a one sided crush on Shadis and wanted to marry her. After Zig loses to Beyd he stops flirting with Shadis and respects her choice. Zig is fond of Shadis' daughter in a way as a sort of substitute uncle.


At first Zig had no respect for Beyd and considered him a weakling. After their battle Zig starts to respect Beyd for beating him in combat fair and square. Years later when Beyd is the Porter's Guild Master, Zig loyally follows and respects Beyd.


Sinkar admires Zig for his sailing skills and sincerely thought that Zig would make a good Porter's Guild Master.


See also: Zig (Boss)

Zig appears as a boss in Breath of Fire III.

Trivia Edit

  • Zig greatly resembles Zangief from the Street Fighter Series.

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